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Roger Waters

In the past days I have written privately to Neil Young (once) and to Scarlett Johanson (a couple of times). Those letters will remain private.

Sadly, I have received no reply from either.

And so I write this note on my Facebook page somewhat in bewilderment.

Neil? I shall ponder all of this long and hard. We don’t really know each other, but, you were always one of my heroes, I am confused.

Scarlett? Ah, Scarlett. I met Scarlett a year or so ago, I think it was at a Cream reunion concert at MSG. She was then, as I recall, fiercely anti Neocon, passionately disgusted by Blackwater (Dick Cheney’s private army in Iraq), you could have been forgiven for thinking that here was a young woman of strength and integrity who believed in truth, human rights, and the law and love. I confess I was somewhat smitten. There’s no fool like an old fool.

A few years down the line, Scarlett’s choice of Soda Stream over Oxfam is such an act of intellectual, political, and civil about face, that we, all those of us who care about the downtrodden, the oppressed, the occupied, the second class, will find it hard to rationalize.

I would like to ask that younger Scarlett a question or two. Scarlett, just for one example, are you aware that the Israeli government has razed to the ground a Bedouin village in the Negev desert in Southern Israel 63 times, the last time being on the 26th of December 2013. This village is the home to Bedouin. The Bedouin are, of course, Israeli citizens with full rights of citizenship. Well, not quite full rights, because in “Democratic” Israel there are fifty laws that discriminate against non Jewish citizens.

I am not going to attempt to list, either those laws(they are on the statute book in the Knesset for all to research) or all the other grave human rights abuses of Israeli domestic and foreign policy. I would run out of space. But, to return to my friend Scarlett Johanson.

Scarlett, I have read your reposts and excuses, in them you claim that the Palestinian workers in the factory have equal pay, benefits and “Equal rights”. Really? Equal Rights? Do they?

Do they have the right to vote?

Do they have access to the roads?

Can they travel to their work place without waiting for hours to pass through the occupying forces control barriers?

Do they have clean drinking water?

Do they have sanitation?

Do they have citizenship?

Do they have the right not to have the standard issue kicking in their door in the middle of the night and taking their children away?

Do they have the right to appeal against arbitrary and indefinite imprisonment?

Do they have the right to re-occupy the property and homes they owned before 1948?

Do they have the right to an ordinary, decent human family life?

Do they have the right to self determination?

Do they have the right to continue to develop a cultural life that is ancient and profound?

If these questions put you in a quandary I can answer them for you. The answer is, NO, they do not.

The workers in The Soda Stream Factory do not have any of these rights.

So, what are the “equal rights” of which you speak.

Scarlett, you are undeniably cute, but if you think Soda Stream is building bridges towards peace you are also undeniably not paying attention.



Taken From Roger Waters Facebook Page

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Jan 292014



Part 1: The Basics of S.E.T.

By Omowale Adewale

If you are beginning your weight training regimen for the year there are three basic tenets to remember to create quality muscle mass. I call these tenets S.E.T. S.E.T stands for sleeping, eating and training, in the order of their importance. S.E.T applies to every athlete whether they are a fighter, football player, gymnast, runner, or bodybuilder.


Applying S.E.T accordingly is important to accomplishing your goal of building more muscle mass. The first step is eating a smart breakfast in the morning. An A.M. breakfast is the most important meal because it does a few things after a good rest. Breakfast replenishes your body’s nutrients, begins the ongoing process of repair, reawakening the cells in your heart, brain, heart and blood and lastly, it recharges your body with energy foods.

For breakfast, jumpstart smart with fruits and other foods that have lots of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are required for athletes and anyone weight training. Carbohydrates are made up of simple sugars or monosaccharide and multi-saccharides. Carbohydrates accelerate your training and provide the necessary fuel for the long haul. Why would a weight trainer indulge in significant fat lipids and complex proteins before beginning an arduous day of work or working out? Eat right and eat smart.

I love to begin my day with muesli and bananas with rice, soy, almond or hemp milk. You can add wheat germ if you’re not allergic to wheat gluten, a protein. Granola and bananas make a great combination of glycerin, carbohydrate and protein with potassium and wheat germ has an excellent amount of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium and vitamins E and B6. Now one can stop there, but you want to develop an impressive physique that’s both powerful and attractive. For an hour of weight training how about some Coconut French Toast?

Coconut French Toast. Take 4 breads and put them aside. In a dish, add 1 cup of hemp or soy milk, ¼ cup of dry coconut shavings, 2tbsp of brown sugar, 1tbsp of cinnamon and then mix well. You may add 1 tbsp of Bob’s Red Mill or ½ of banana for better emulsion. Stove: medium-high. In a pan, add 2tbsp of coconut oil, heat for 1 minute and spread throughout the pan. Begin dipping slices of bread, covering both sides of each. Allow 4-7min. for browning on each side.


Before you start your workout make a quick Protein Recharge Smoothie with 1 gram of 30-50 grams of protein based upon a 1 gram per 1 lbs of bodyweight.

Add 2 cups of non-animal milk, ¼ cup of water, ½ cup of cashews, 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 3-4 strawberries, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of agave, unrefined sugar or organic cane sugar.

Blend and refrigerate or pack it away for later. This is for your post morning workout.


It’s time to workout. Anytime of the day is a great day to weight training, but mornings allow all your new energy to propel the workout. Cardio is a great way to start your workouts. For weight training activity, I suggest a run of 5-10 minutes or .5-1 mile. There are other cardio exercises like jumping rope, burpees, up-and-downs, jumping jacks, and shadow-boxing. Do just enough to get loose and warm.

To increase muscle mass set aside a full hour of weight training and target separate parts of the body. Monday, biceps and back (latissimus and erector), Tuesday: legs (calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and abductors and adductors), Wednesday: chest and abs, Thursday: triceps and shoulders (side and rear deltoids) and legs and Friday: biceps and back. Each body part should be well fatigued and the muscles gradually torn and repaired like normal.

Each routine should be given 3-5 sets, increasing weight incrementally and decreasing repetitions with each set. Breathe equally with breaths in and out with every repetition to pace your heart and keep your brain filled with oxygen. Use a spotter for bench presses and squats for your safety. Do not rest for longer than 60 seconds between routines. Keep the body’s blood flow high and in attack mode. Remember to drink a little water throughout your workout, up to half a cup between each exercise. Begin the next week on a different muscle cycle. On Monday, start with a different combination like “legs” or “chest and abs”.


This is the beginning of thanking and rewarding your body. Drink the protein smoothie you packed. The primary purpose of proteins is to achieve the right combination of amino acids in order to construct new cell tissue for your torn muscles. Liquid protein mixes help you consume more amino acids and less of other macromolecules such as carbohydrates and fat lipids. It’s best to consume proteins quickly after weight training so that they begin replenishing your body’s cells and redeveloping your muscles immediately. It’s also recommended to consume protein liquids after weight training as opposed to before exercising to prevent illness.

However, a seasoned bodybuilder may consume a protein smoothie prior to a short workout or towards the tail-end. This is done to accelerate the process of protein breakdown which are more complex than carbohydrates and take more time to digest. A bodybuilder might also want to begin the process of protein breakdown to save space in their stomachs for extra solid proteins later. It is recommended that one eat a quality meal full of protein rich foods that also contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Consider a kidney bean and quinoa salad and lentil soup with multi-grain crackers, hemp and sunflower seed pancakes or a multi-grain meal with seitan, tofu or tempeh and jasmine rice. Look for specific post-weight training recipes in my second installment of “Weight Training for Vegans”.


After each week, rest on Saturday and Sunday. Do not try to add in more workouts. Resting will allow your body to recover and redevelop new cells that were damaged and destroyed during your week of working out. I cannot stress enough that rest is not only the most neglected part of weight training it’s the time when you are developing larger muscles. During your sleep is when muscles begin the transformation process of your phenomenal physique.

Without necessary sleep and rest bodybuilders will become more susceptible to illness and injury. Joints rotating heavy weights will begin to wear and tear faster muscles are capable of redeveloping. This can cause tendonitis, sprains and breaks. Resting should always be made high priority to recover naturally.

Like all other athletes, bodybuilders customarily go off-season where they exercise significantly less and preserve their body. You may not have an off-season, but stay in touch with your body’s wellness and listen to its pains and gains. You will need 3-6 months of active weight training to see the progress you desire.

The goal for anyone who is weight training is maximizing every opportunity that you find in a gym, including a home gym. Always consistently and gradually lift, carry and push heavier weight and eat more quality and nutritious foods for the best fuel and recovery. Always examine and reexamine your body’s sleep patterns and look to find ways in your schedule for naps and longer sleep times. In the end, it’s not up to the personal trainer or your nutritionist, it’s how intelligently you apply your resources and how in-tune you are to your own body. This is your path to a meaningful and powerful year. Get big!

#GoVeg2014 is a campaign Omowale Adewale has launched to help 100 people go vegan.


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Jan 282014


Pittsburgh MC and activist Jasiri X tells us what he saw on his recent trip to Palestine and Occupied Palestine. He speaks about Israeli apartheid and the reinforcement of their racist system through checkpoints that paralyzes Palestinian life and freedom. Song produced by Agent of Change.

Jan 182014


By Omowale Adewale

According to the Huffington Post veganism is on the rise, after many more people are searching Google for vegan answers. Hopefully, like Trading Places, that means, “Pork bellies are down”. That would mean an awful lot to piglets and pigs…and humans.

This week I made seitan. I usually make enough for a full week. What’s seitan? Oh, it’s a just an awesome Japanese vegan food made from wheat gluten that’s been around longer than a thousand years. Gluten is a plant protein in the form of a powder. With water, it starts to form into soft dough. You can find various seitan dishes served at many Asian restaurants and “comfort food” eateries. Food brands like Tofurky and Gardein use seitan because of its significant source of amino acids, versatility in cooking main entrées and its familiarity in meaty texture. In recent years, it’s become more popular as a “alternative meat” or “mock meat”.

If I was training an athlete, as a post-workout option I would advise my champion to eat seitan after a workout. It is an excellent recovery food. Seitan is 75% protein, 14% carbohydrates, 8% water and 2% fat. Minerals, which do not need to be consumed in large amounts, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc account for the rest. Seitan has no traceable amounts of vitamins which would behoove me to encourage my vegan athlete to eat with 1-2 types of greens, a little tomato and a handful of beets or carrots. Add a delicious 1tbsp serving of coconut or palm oil whether you are cooking a stew, baking, sautéing or barbecuing seitan, for some healthy fat content. Contrary to popular disparaging untruths about fats, we all need fatty acids to aid our nerves and proper brain functioning.

What about the anti-gluten hysteria? Its fashion meets food. It’s only the latest food fad. If you’ve been eating wheat gluten for years alongside your pig feet, pig intestine, cow butt and chicken face and washing it down with a cup of ice cold kool-aid, which can only aid you in progressing your marathon to cancer, please trust it’s not the wheat gluten that’s making you ill. Between the Google diagnoses and new trends in health & fitness like the paleo brigade who went back in time to just to find a regiment many are going gluten free. When you get back to the present Marty McFly says just ‘go VEGAN!’ Like all foods, wheat gluten should not be consumed at every waking moment. Diversify your foods and you balance your nutrients. That doesn’t include stealing carcasses. ;)

Last year, because I’m a fighter I saw the doctor 1-2 times month, which is an industry standard. My doctor even laughed at me and prescribed me a shrink when I told him I should get a routine cancer check-up.

This is 100% true.

One of the best reasons to eat seitan is to save on meals. It costs about $7 to buy a bag of wheat gluten to make around 20 meals of seitan. No fast food business could ever do that. What do I need to make it? Let’s see…

The first picture is a sautéed curry seitan and spinach meal w/ coconut oil. Besides what’s mentioned you’ll need some curry powder and other seasonings. In the pan, is enough to make 5 meals. I bought 2 bunches of spinach for $2. In the pan is about .75 worth. In the second picture, I added onions, a raw tomato and 2 slices of bread. The entire onion is less than .50 and the one slice of a tomato .05-.10 and the bread between .25 and .35 a slice for really good bread. Excluding bread, you can make a meal at around .50 a serving.



So, let’s recap. Seitan, a millennium-tested, delicious and protein abundant Asian-derived food that’s versatile for your taste buds and your wallet. Don’t continue eating the same stuff that’s making filthy corporations filthy-rich and your insides super-filthy.

#GoVeg2014 is a campaign Omowale Adewale has launched to help 100 people go vegan. Visit Going Vegan 2014 for the Seitan recipe and go vegan in your immediate lifetime…like 2014 lifetime. Now!

Jan 122014


Russell Simmons or @UncleRush as he is known on twitter tweeted his condolences to Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon who he described as his friend.

After many of Simmons 3 million twitter followers responded with shock and disappointment about his support for a zionist racist terrorist who supported apartheid both in South Africa and in Palestine he deleted the original tweet and said he made a mistake and confused one war criminal Ariel Sharon with another war criminal Shimon Peres whom he described as a “longtime friend”.

He apologized to over 60 of his followers on twitter and told them he “was no fan of Sharon”.

We wonder how Mr. Simmons feels about Israel’s long term support of white apartheid rule against the South African people even helping the apartheid regime with nuclear technology.

Both Sharon and Peres supported that racist policy.

We accept Uncle Rush’s apology and retraction but also hope he reads more about his longtime friend Shimon Peres who is also guilty of racism, colonialism and crimes against humanity.