Dec 272013


In a disturbing video Israeli occupation forces shoot Manal Tamimi, a woman from the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, a village which has faced constant harassment by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

After having their land and water spring stolen by Israeli settlers the residents of Nabi Saleh began to hold weekly non-violent demonstrations to protest the theft.

They are met with violence by gun wielding Israeli soldiers who protect the extremist settlers.

In this video you see Manal get shot in her leg at very close range by a rubber bullet. Rubber coated billets can maim and kill a person if shot at close range. She sustains injuries and a possible fracture of her knee.

The brave Tamimi family has had enough of its members killed and shot at by Zionist occupiers. Nabi Saleh should not have to face this theft of their water supply and access to their land.

Show your support to the people of Nabi Saleh and Palestine. Contact your local representative and tell them to stop their support of the Israeli occupation and to take a stand against settlements and settler violence against the Palestinian people.

American taxpayers are funding these religious extremist and the soldiers protecting them with millions of dollars daily. Americans paid for the bullet that injured Manal Tamimi and paid for the tear gas canister that killed Mustafa Tamimi. Do you want this to continue in your name?

Dec 262013


As part of the “Bethlehem Unwrapped” Christmas Cultural Festival, a replica of the apartheid wall surrounding the Palestinian city of Bethlehem has been erected at St. James Church in London.

Bethlehem believed to be the birthplace of Jesus is located in the West Bank where it’s residents are living under the Israeli occupation which has surrounded the famous city with an apartheid wall.

The 8 meter replica intentionally blocks off the view of the St. James Church to give people a glimpse of what life is like for Palestinians living today in Bethlehem and the wider West Bank.

The festival’s website states: “This wall is symbolic of walls all over the world that divide and confine peoples, restricting free movement and dominating the imagination of those who live behind them.”

Watch Video Below:

Dec 172013


Multi_Viral Music video. The film was produced by Calle 13 and filmed by Zapatero Filmes in the Palestinian cities of Bethlehem and Beit Sahour, Place of the Night Watch, a Palestinian village at the East of Bethlehem.

Dec 132013


By Fidaa Abuassi

Well, I need to share with you some news about Gaza, my home. I haven’t heard from my family for 3 days, haven’t seen any of my siblings online anywhere, so I called (internationally since I could neither skype or viber).

My mom said “habibti we are doing well Alhamdillah. Don’t worry. We just didn’t have power for three days in a row, no internet, no water, nothing. It’s extremely cold and we are freezing. But we are better than others whose houses are drowning”.

She then handed the phone to my dad. His voice sounded so desperate! He was repetitively saying “what could we do, dear!”. I’ve never “seen” him this depressed before! I wanted to tell them about my good grade (got 97% on my final despite all the difficult circumstances I’ve been through) but my grade (and happiness) couldn’t be more irrelevant! When I was asked how I was doing “I am good, mom. I have another paper to write during the break”. My parents sounded so worried “oh dear, so you won’t be having a break. Will you be alone on campus? You aren’t going to Chicago”.

I am like c’mon mom! Really? When did I start having this life of luxury that my parents’ biggest worry became me not having a break! When did they start feeling I no longer belong to the kind of life they live and that their suffering wasn’t mine! Why did I feel today I wasn’t one of them anymore! I felt I was completely alienated from home. From my family. From my people. I am so unhappy today. Everyone is suffering there and I am here in the U.S. where everything is available! I couldn’t feel more guilty!

Gaza is drowning today. I attached some photos taken recently. You will see people kayaking and canoeing but not the type of fun activities the world knows. Houses are flooded by water. People are freezing there. No power. No water. No heat. No fuel. This is a catastrophe. A CATASTROPHE. I need to do something to help. I felt so helpless that I wanted to call 911, Red Cross or Amnesty International. Anyone!


I want to tell the world that Gaza is living an unspeakable disaster and in a bad need for your help. I cannot be silent. You cannot be silent. Please we need to take action to stop this inhuman punishment of an entire population!

Here’s a short video to give you a sense of what’s going on there:

And before wishing you all a Merry Christmas please think of other people in the world who don’t have the life of luxury we do. We are so fortunate. So so fortunate!

Merry Christmas All.

Dec 082013


Nelson Mandela with Palestinian Freedom Fighter Leila Khaled.

While being interviewed by Ted Koppel at a town hall meeting at CCNY, Nelson Mandela states his support for Palestinian Liberation in the face of Zionist critics.

It’s important to remember that Israel supported the racist white supremacist apartheid government of South Africa arming it with weaponry and even nuclear technology.