Jan 192015


Our brother Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose is back with a new video for “Our Sand” shot on location in Uganda.


It’s off of his “Digital Diggin’ 3Minus1″ EP which is a collection of creative rhymes, flows, & hooks over obscure beats, loops, samples & instrumentals found online.


This is part 2 & a follow up theme to the original “Digital Diggin” EP…

Watch video below:

Sep 262014


Hip Hop artist, activist and independent journalist Marcel Cartier teams up with the people’s producer Agent of Change releasing a part 3 of their Hands Off Syria tracks this time addressing US intentions in bombing ISIS targets in Syria.

They argue that the bombing of ISIS is being used as a pretext to eventually bring down or target the Syrian government.

In the description for the video Marcel writes:

“Let’s not be confused by Obama’s assertion that ISIS is the third largest threat to humanity (after Ebola and Russia, apparently). Granted, ISIS very much is a threat to the resistant peoples of the region, but one that the the Syrian state — in alliance with Hezbollah and Iran — has been relentlessly fighting against for the past three plus years while all the countries in the coalition airstrikes have helped to foster and facilitate ISIS’ growth.

After a series of failures to bring the government of Bashar al-Assad’s Ba’ath Party to its knees through both proxy and direct means (including funding of rebel groups and the chemical weapons propaganda [YouTube video evidence] last year in the hope of launching airstrikes on government targets [which could have created somewhat of a “Libyan scenario” of bombing the rebels a path to victory]), the most sellable option now (despite it still being absurd to anyone really paying attention) is that the boogey-man in the form of the Islamic State has to be combated, and hence, Syria must be bombed.

It is no coincidence that the decision to bomb targets in Syria has been paired with the announcement that the coalition will train 5,000 “moderate” rebels at bases in Saudi Arabia.”

Listen to the song and watch the full video below:

Aug 262014


Show your support and attend this event in NYC tomorrow at B.B. King.

From Rebel Diaz:

With all thats going on in Ferguson, MO and even here in NYC we thought it was the right move to make to support a Freedom Ride: NYC to Ferguson Caravan!!!

Our goal is still to ‪#‎packoutbbkings‬ but this time for a cause we hold close to our hearts. Ferguson, MO needs all the solidarity it can get at this moment….

Join Us! Wednesday August 27th as we #PackOutBBKings ‪#‎TimesSquareTakeover‬


Interested in going to Ferguson?

We will have an info booth and will be signing people up…..

You do not want to miss this show!!!

Its gonna be super dope.

Same amazing line up plus probably some super dope guests….

Performing Live!!!

Rebel Diaz
w/ Dirty Delorean
The ReMINDers
YC The Cynic
Hosted by Flaco Navaja
Opening DJ set by: DJ Charlie Hustle

We got pre sale tickets at $1O and we can go and meet you or you can come and pick them up in The South Bronx……

You can also go on the website and get them at:


Facebook Event Page:


Jul 282014

By Marcel Cartier

Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today.

Unfortunately, for far too many Palestinian children, this occasion is being marked with them in hospitals recovering from injuries suffered in Israel’s genocidal bombing campaign.

As a result, the grassroots organization Existence Is Resistance is taking up donations to help these children receive a little bit of cheer and happiness.

As a small bit, all the proceeds from the sale of this song [see download link for the song in video description] will go towards this very important project.

Please consider paying the small fee of $0.69 to help this cause.

Purchase song HERE