Jul 282014

By Marcel Cartier

Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today.

Unfortunately, for far too many Palestinian children, this occasion is being marked with them in hospitals recovering from injuries suffered in Israel’s genocidal bombing campaign.

As a result, the grassroots organization Existence Is Resistance is taking up donations to help these children receive a little bit of cheer and happiness.

As a small bit, all the proceeds from the sale of this song [see download link for the song in video description] will go towards this very important project.

Please consider paying the small fee of $0.69 to help this cause.

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Jul 132014


Rap artist French Montana and Waka Flocka Flame used social media to speak out in support of Palestine.

Both posted pictures of Palestine and the Palestinian flag. Waka Flocka even asked why his government the United States is supporting the suffering of Palestine.


The new Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip has already taken the lives of innocent men, women and children and is still continuing. Israel has bombed civilian homes, schools, medical centers, houses of worship, and anything else they choose to destroy.


It has led to some unexpected voices speaking out. Yesterday NBA player Dwight Howard tweeted #FreePalestine to over 5 million of his twitter followers before deleting it after facing pressure from racist supporters of Israel. People should be able to say they support the plight of Palestine without having to fear a Zionist witch hunt and silencing campaign.

Jun 272014

The Gospel of Hip Hop

Brooklyn MC Shabaam Sahdeeq who dropped the hip hop classic “Arabian Nights” comes back with another banger that takes the youth on an archaeological and metaphorical adventure into Ancient Egypt to find the lost art of hip hop.  Shabaam Sahdeeq’s new album Keepers of the Lost Art is out now.


Shabaam Sahdeeq


Keepers of the Lost Art

Jun 102014


Peter Rosenberg, No One Elected You President of Hip Hop

By Ayman El-Sayed

Chuck D of Legendary Hip Hop Group Public Enemy spoke about his thoughts on the Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert. He said that the show disgraced hip hop. Chuck D did not criticize or attack any of the performers. He was talking about the organizers of the event. Hot 97 and it’s parent company.

Ebro and Rosenberg who work for the station got defensive and began attacking Chuck D saying he was trolling them or was trying to promote something.

Rosenberg went as far as saying that no one elected Chuck D president of Hip Hop as if Rosenberg had any authority on Chuck D and his place in hip hop history.

Chuck D is way closer to a president of hip hop if there ever were such a thing then Rosenberg will ever be. His opinion on the Summer Jam representation of hip hip culture holds more weight first of all and second of all his comments were spot on. He mentioned how the N word has been quadrupled promoted and pointed out the double standards of the station:

“If there was a festival and it was filled with anti-Semitic slurs… or racial slurs at anyone but black people, what do you think would happen?”

Summer Jam fights and beef were glorified and turned into entertainment at the expense of hip hop.

Rosenberg parades himself as the savior of hip hop, this white guy who understands the culture and is promoting that “real” and underground hip hip.

It’s gotten so bad for hip hop in 2014 that he is able to position himself as this anti-commercial hip hop dj while at the same time working for a corporation doing the most damage to hip hop by keeping the airwaves monopolized.

Radio play and record sales are very much related so Ebro and Rosenberg are wrong when they act like their station only playing a handful of artist doesn’t help effect the image of Hip Hop.

They control in a large part which artist can get popular or not by playing their song on repeat. They choose or are forced to play a playlist of songs and act like some payment isn’t involved in the process.

Ebro himself in responding to Chuck D said it’s about the profit and not the culture. If that’s the case I don’t understand why he got mad and defensive at Chuck D for basically saying the same thing that Hot 97 is about the profit and not the culture.

Lastly, Rosenberg can’t have his cake and eat it too. Hip Hop doesn’t need him but it can’t be what it is today without Chuck D and Public Enemy. I don’t know who he thinks elected him president of hip hop or the spokesperson for hip hop but he can’t be the savior and enemy at the same time.

Feb 252014

BE SEKOU by M-1 & Divine

Written and Performed by M-1 and Divine

Produced by M-1, Divine, and Digitalglo

Video Directed by Jamal Joseph

Photography, Editing, Visual Effects by Joel Davenport – www.gugohi.com

Produced by Jamal Joseph and Joel Davenport

Production Manager: Dietrice Bolden

Additional Photography: Ryce


Impact Repertory Theater
Abiodun Oyewole
Hassan “GIANT” Yasin
The Bartendaz
The Order of the Feather Fraternity

Special Thanks:

Sister Dequi
The Sekou Odinga Defense Committee
Brother Bullwhip
Neal Shoemaker & Harlem Heritage Tours
The Dwyer Cultural Center
A Harlem Film Company/New Heritage Films Production