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The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home
& The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

A Message of Solidarity

From Ferguson to Gaza We Charge Genocide

Those standing up against police brutality and state repression in Ferguson, Missouri are leading one of the most important human right struggles of our time.

In the context of the history of Sundown Towns in that region, which legislated that people of color had to leave white towns by sundown, the imposition of a curfew and deployment of the National Guard by the governor represents a racist suppression of the right to self-defense and a gross violation of the freedom of assembly. Its message is clear: the people most likely to rebel against injustice have to be controlled, their right to protest quashed, and the absolute power of the police state restored.

The militarized repression on display in Ferguson is a reflection of a world in crisis. Although separated by thousands of miles, the plight of the people of Ferguson and the Gaza Strip share too much in common for people of conscience to ignore. Michael Brown, an African American youth, could just have easily been a Palestinian youth mercilessly shot by an Israeli soldier.

We understand that in both cases a long history of colonialism and racism justified land dispossession in Palestine and slavery in the US. That history is alive today with the continued gross economic deprivation of these communities and their isolation through universally enforced discrimination in housing. This pattern of ghettoization has been inflicted on both of these communities since the founding of the US and Israel. The systematic exploitation, repression and targeting of these populations by the state has led and continues to lead to genocide. According to a 2012 study, a black person is killed every 28 hours by the police, other security agency, or individuals acting as the police. In Gaza, as of today, there have been more than 2,000 civilians killed from recent Israeli bombing attacks. If we take Gaza’s small population into account this killing is proportional to double the entire population of Providence, Rhode Island.

The same U.S. government policies that arm the State of Israel have also turned police departments across the nation into localized military garrisons armed with sophisticated weapons aimed at citizens. As one Palestinian youth tweeted recently, “Made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in #Palestine by Israel, now they are used in #Ferguson.”

This police onslaught in Ferguson is reminiscent of what occurred in Philadelphia in 1985 when the police dropped a military grade, fire-bomb from a helicopter on the MOVE house. That police attack of black people killed 11 MOVE members, including 5 children and burned down 61 homes, destroying an entire African American neighborhood.

Political Prisoner and black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal is imprisoned today because during his youth he exposed this kind of systematic police terror against the black community. He stands in solidarity with Ferguson and Palestine and we call for his immediate release.

At a moment’s notice any of us could face the terror experienced in Ferguson or Palestine. A people subjugated by racist oppression have a moral right to resist.

In solidarity with the people of Ferguson, We Call For:

1. The Immediate Arrest of Officer Darren Wilson and an Investigation for Justice with Full Community Oversight

2. Just Reparation for the Brown Family

3. The Withdrawal of the National Guard, the Removal of the Curfew and No Fly Zones and Full Media Access to the Area

4. The Disbanding of Ferguson’s Racist Police Department and the Re-Appropriation of Police Funds for a Massive Jobs, Housing, & Schools Program for the Residents of Ferguson

In Solidarity with the people of Palestine, We Call For:

1. The Right of Return, the Right to Self Determination, and the Right to Self Defense

2. A Free and Independent Palestine

3. A Re-Appropriation of US Supplied Israeli Military Funds for an Economic Reparations Program for Palestine

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Aug 072014


Venezuelan TV station Telesur has finally launched its English version.

Ñ Don’t Stop is one of the new programs hosted by Claudia De la Cruz and Rebel Diaz. The show is filmed and directed by Sense Hernandez.

This episode is dedicated to Palestine. Interview with Nancy Mansour and Ayman El-Sayed, co-founders of Existence is Resistance about the zionist bombing of Gaza.

Taking the hashtag ‪#‎FreePalestine‬ to the streets of NYC.

Rooftop performance by South Bronx artist YC the Cynic.

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2:

Aug 062014


Palestinian hip hop artist and activist Raffoul drops his new video dedicated to Gaza with a powerful intro by Professor Dahlia Wasfi.

Watch below:

Aug 062014

By Nancy Mansour

I want you to read this and really think about the situation.

Yesterday I went with Basem Ammous Young-b and Moh Imi to Jerusalem to check on the Palestinians from Gaza I have been visiting for the past week.

There were new wounded people who had come in and I met a few. One of them is the woman in the picture above whose name is Najah Abed Dayem, 51 years old. She was there with her brother. She did a video interview with me which I will release soon. She told me that after Israel blew her brothers house to bits with NO prior notice she had taken refuge with her family in the United Nations School. She made sure to tell me that no Hamas rockets nor any resistance had been present in the school since they had tight security provided by the United Nations themselves.

She told me that her husband and one of her sons had been blown to bits and two other sons were in hospitals, one in Egypt and one in Nablus. Ibrahim who had been hit in the leg with a rocket was sent Nablus. I told her I was going to there today and she asked me to visit him. I told her I would and she asked if we could call her so she could speak to him.

Today I went to Nablus to the Najjah Hospital. I asked for Ibrahim and they took me to his room. I was told to put on protective gear since he wasn’t doing so well, I thought “but its only a wound to the leg”, I walked into his room and almost fainted.

Ibrahim has nothing but a torso left. Literally. Gorgeous young man of 23, I said hi (gulping my fucking tears like a big old wimp). He said hi and I explained that I had seen his mom and she sent her love, etc.

He immediately started to cry and asked me to promise him she is ok. I told him “YES! she is amazing, she even did a video interview with me and we took a picture together…do you want to see it?”. With that his uncle looked at me and whispered, “He cannot see any more from the shrapnel that went into his eyes”, Ibrahim started crying.

Crying so hard and I could do nothing.

Helpless, I told him who I was and about Existence Is Resistance he said to me “I want to speak to my mom, please can I speak to my mom”. I told him “here is a cellphone from the donations we are receiving you can keep it”. We called his mom. He started crying when he heard her voice. There were some young men with me from Balata Refugee Camp who had to leave the room from the heartbreak they felt.

He then proceeded to tell her “My dad’s phone must have been stolen, I can not get a hold of him” unknown to him that his father was martyred at the UN school. I wanted to cry so bad. He asked his mom about his brother Abed, at which point all I heard was Ibrahim screaming at the top of his lungs “nooooooo noooooo nooooooo……not Abed…….please nooooo”….she had just informed him that Abed had been martyred (murdered by Israel). Ibrahim’s screams filled the hospital, the doctors came running in, it was pure chaos.

I can honestly say that I could not in my life had felt more helpless, sad, sick and disconnected from the world as I did in that moment. I still do. Another man in the hospital got mad at me and I felt even more horrible, I didn’t know his mom was going to tell him that, I didn’t fucking know. He doesnt even know about his father. What kind of fucking life is this? I couldn’t take a picture of him because it’s truly haunting.

Shaima, 4 years old is a Palestinian from Gaza. We kept up with her story since activist Ashira Hakan had visited her first and told me that Shaima watched her mother, her 17 year old sister and her 15 year old brother get blown to pieces. She got rocket shrapnel in her stomach and back.

Her aunt told me Shaima stayed awake during everything, never lost consciousness even after losing a lot of blood. She has now been released to a hotel in Jerusalem and is going to be sent right back to Gaza.

She had on a pair of purple slippers that her father had brought before she was brought to Jerusalem and he told her aunt “I want to see her alive and wearing these upon her return inshallah”, that he will see.

Unfortunately, behind her gorgeous smile, she breaks down randomly screaming for her mom. I couldnt console her enough, I don’t have her Mom to give back to her.

Meet Yazan. Yazan is 7 years old. His house was rocketed and his parents attempted to leave. An Israeli sniper shot Yazan in his back and the bullet exited through his stomach. Israel continued to bomb the area and the family was too scared to move. The EMTs were being targeted so they were too scared to go into the area.

Yazan bled at home for 1.5 days until he started losing consciousness at which point those who were not injured in his family walked for 3 miles to meet the ambulance where it was safer. He has also now been released.

We donated money to him as a Eid gift from donations along with Shaima so they could buy what they want for themselves. Just an FYI…it took me about 23 pictures before he smiled.

17 year old Ahmad Zaznoon from Beit Lahye was sitting outside his house when a rocket hit nearby. He saw his neighbors from the AbuReesh family blown to pieces. Then after another rocket he saw two brothers he knew from the neighborhood also blown to pieces – they were 15 and 10 from the Hamoudi family. He was then hit with shrapnel from another rocket in his leg. He is still awaiting an operation. We gave him a cellphone from the donations.

Sohaib, the 2 year old you met from my last article is doing much better. He is off life support and inshallah on the mend. We will keep checking in.

Mohammad, 14 is now released to a hotel awaiting permission to return to Gaza. Mohammad was hit by shrapnel in his stomach and leg. We also gave him a phone from the donations which he told me was his first ever cellphone.

These families need your help. Please consider donating via our paypal ( ) or if you are interested in sponsoring a child who has lost everything on a long term basis please email us at that same address. Thank you.

Aug 052014

Global Peeks: For the Blood of the Innocent – Resistance Can’t Stop!!

Hosted by Brother Brian Muhammad

Listen to this Live First Hand Report from Sister Harrabic Tubman, co-founder of “Existence is Resistance” on the ground in the West Bank.

She gave us her eye witness account of the violations of the US backed occupation and siege by Israel. We were also joined by Brother Ashahed Muhammad, Assistant Editor of the Final Call Newspaper.

From Los Angeles to New York to Palestine, resistance cannot stop against the tyranny of Empire. The United States, Europe, Israel and many of the Arab & so-called Muslim governments hold the innocent blood of men, women and children who have been maimed, perished and victimized by an agenda of a global elite.


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