Jan 282014


Pittsburgh MC and activist Jasiri X tells us what he saw on his recent trip to Palestine and Occupied Palestine. He speaks about Israeli apartheid and the reinforcement of their racist system through checkpoints that paralyzes Palestinian life and freedom. Song produced by Agent of Change.

Jan 122014


Russell Simmons or @UncleRush as he is known on twitter tweeted his condolences to Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon who he described as his friend.

After many of Simmons 3 million twitter followers responded with shock and disappointment about his support for a zionist racist terrorist who supported apartheid both in South Africa and in Palestine he deleted the original tweet and said he made a mistake and confused one war criminal Ariel Sharon with another war criminal Shimon Peres whom he described as a “longtime friend”.

He apologized to over 60 of his followers on twitter and told them he “was no fan of Sharon”.

We wonder how Mr. Simmons feels about Israel’s long term support of white apartheid rule against the South African people even helping the apartheid regime with nuclear technology.

Both Sharon and Peres supported that racist policy.

We accept Uncle Rush’s apology and retraction but also hope he reads more about his longtime friend Shimon Peres who is also guilty of racism, colonialism and crimes against humanity.


Dec 272013


During a performance in Los Angeles Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli who make up Black Star change the lyrics to their classic song RE: DEFinition with “Let’s Get Free Just Like The Palestinians.”

Dec 272013


In a disturbing video Israeli occupation forces shoot Manal Tamimi, a woman from the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, a village which has faced constant harassment by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

After having their land and water spring stolen by Israeli settlers the residents of Nabi Saleh began to hold weekly non-violent demonstrations to protest the theft.

They are met with violence by gun wielding Israeli soldiers who protect the extremist settlers.

In this video you see Manal get shot in her leg at very close range by a rubber bullet. Rubber coated billets can maim and kill a person if shot at close range. She sustains injuries and a possible fracture of her knee.

The brave Tamimi family has had enough of its members killed and shot at by Zionist occupiers. Nabi Saleh should not have to face this theft of their water supply and access to their land.

Show your support to the people of Nabi Saleh and Palestine. Contact your local representative and tell them to stop their support of the Israeli occupation and to take a stand against settlements and settler violence against the Palestinian people.

American taxpayers are funding these religious extremist and the soldiers protecting them with millions of dollars daily. Americans paid for the bullet that injured Manal Tamimi and paid for the tear gas canister that killed Mustafa Tamimi. Do you want this to continue in your name?

Dec 262013


As part of the “Bethlehem Unwrapped” Christmas Cultural Festival, a replica of the apartheid wall surrounding the Palestinian city of Bethlehem has been erected at St. James Church in London.

Bethlehem believed to be the birthplace of Jesus is located in the West Bank where it’s residents are living under the Israeli occupation which has surrounded the famous city with an apartheid wall.

The 8 meter replica intentionally blocks off the view of the St. James Church to give people a glimpse of what life is like for Palestinians living today in Bethlehem and the wider West Bank.

The festival’s website states: “This wall is symbolic of walls all over the world that divide and confine peoples, restricting free movement and dominating the imagination of those who live behind them.”

Watch Video Below: