Sep 162014


10384210_10203472584028982_5523299284003079339_nWhile we may spend our days fighting individual or group struggles, in a global system, our causes and campaign are very much interconnected. Join Existence is Resistance and The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home for a night of music and discussion, as we link the lives of everyday people, from Palestine to Puerto Rico to Ferguson, political prisoners to U.S. imperialism, from police brutality to war.

Location: Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center

Address: 3940 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Time: 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Speakers Include:

Bassem Tamimi (Head of Popular Resistance in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh)

Ramona Africa (MOVE Organization)

Nancy Mansour (Existence Is Resistance)

Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report)

Hamde Abu Rahma (Palestinian Photo Journalist/Activist Photography by hamde abu rahma)

Yasser Quos (Director of the African Community Society of Jerusalem

Nerdeen Mohsen (President of Students for Justice in Palestine at College of Staten Island)

Michael Madormo (Teacher at Friend’s School in Ramallah)

Carlio Rovira (former Young Lord, Puerto Rican Independence Movement)

Gabi Lazaro (Existence Is Resistance)

Johanna Fernandez (The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home)

with a special guest cal from Mumia Abu Jamal

With performances by

Tahani Salah (Poet)
Remi Kanazi(Poet)
Bomba Yo (Puerto Rican Folklore)
Rebel Diaz

Stay tuned for updates!

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Aug 242014

As many of you know, I have been spending the past month or so in and out of the hospitals in Jerusalem and Nablus where many wounded Palestinians are being brought for medical care during the brutal Israeli attack on Gaza. In between these visits I have been attending various demonstrations which always end with the Israeli Occupying Forces shooting live ammunition at everyone. In one demo which I wrote about in an earlier post over 281 people were shot including many of my friends which meant more hospitals….in the most recent demo 72 people were shot including two journalists. I can not explain the feeling of hopelessness I feel witnessing all of this. Then of course,, I feel bad complaining because I have the luxury of leaving any time.

A couple of days ago I came back to my home in Haifa to be with my family and of course to try and put together all these thoughts and feelings so that I can write about it with a clear mind. I am not a professional writer and for some reason I just can not collect myself in the way that I want, in order for me to be able to fully relay everything I am seeing.

I still have not and cannot process it all. For the past two days I have sat down with all my notes and all these pictures and tried to put it together but every single time I try it means I have to remember what personally happened to each of the people I visited as well as their pain….whether they showed it to me through smiles, laughs or tears, I saw it and it is past painful. It’s so painful, you become somewhat numb. Most of them don’t cry when they tell me about what they saw or about their loved ones being blown to pieces in front of them so I follow suit and swallow the hurt and anger and tears away. Now that I am alone, I don’t have their strength so I just switch off.

There are many people I want to tell you about and we still need donations to get the wounded and their families whatever they need while they are stuck in the hospitals with only the clothes on their back they left with….so here are a few of the most recent people I have been visiting frequently.

14 year old Mohammed Amin Siyam from Rafah stole my heart. While I was checking in on other kids I had been visiting for a few weeks, I noticed Mohammed was new in their room. He was in extreme pain and every time he would scream or attempt to cry I would look up and he would see me and stop. As if he didn’t want to cry in front of me. I walked over and told him its ok to cry if he is in pain. His grandfather who was the only guardian with him looked up at me, smiled and teared up. I had to leave for a minute so I could go slap myself in the bathroom to fight back my tears and returned to hear his story.



(Click on image for larger view)

Mohammed was wounded when the house next door to his home was rocketed by an Israeli F16. The first rocket hit and the windows in his home shattered. The second, third and fourth rockets hit  and Mohammed lost his leg. The doctors saved his right arm but the nerves are all damaged which means he cannot move that arm from the shoulder down.



(Click on image for larger view)


Mohammeds grandfather told me there has never been any presence of resistance fighters in their area. Mohammed asked me for a Dishdasha and to make sure it was long so it would cover his missing leg. The next day I went with a friend Alaa from Ramallah, picked out the best dishdasha and brought it for him from the kind donations everyone has been making.

10 month old Ahmad AbedJawad Abutala is from Rafah. His mother was breastfeeding him when 5 rockets within minutes of each other hit their home. His mother who is still in Gaza lost her legs and her arms and chest were burnt so his grandmother accompanied him to Jerusalem.



(Click on image for larger view)

Ahmad lost his right eye, has shrapnel in his head, broken leg and arm and shrapnel in his other leg.



(Click on image for larger view)


Youseff Astal, 16 years old. He told me how his father had been murdered by Israel a couple of days before his injuries. Youseffs father had been targeted by an F16 whilst he was in the back yard of his brothers home. Youseff found him. A few days later Youseff was filling water from a barrel when Israel rocketed him too. He said the only thing that saved him was the barrel. He sustained injuries to his arms and face as well as shrapnel in his stomach. Youseff also lost a kidney which was torn to shreds by the shrapnel.




(Click on image for larger view)


Youseff asked me for a cell phone which we brought him also from the donations people have been making.

There are so many more stories and pictures I want to share with you and I will. Inshallah in the coming days.

In one week I will return to the hospitals and spend another three weeks with the wounded. We truly hope that people will continue to donate as new injuries are being brought in daily. No matter how small or large your donation, it all makes a difference. Please donate directly via paypal to or email us if you want to send a check at the same email address.

Thank you for all the support everyone has been sending. It’s not over until its over.

Aug 062014


Palestinian hip hop artist and activist Raffoul drops his new video dedicated to Gaza with a powerful intro by Professor Dahlia Wasfi.

Watch below:

Jul 302014

By Nancy Mansour

When you helplessly watch your people (who are less than an hour away from you) being slaughtered by a vicious occupier, theres a sense of absolute desperation. You are so angered you demonstrate and again, that same occupier comes out and shoots hundreds as if we were roaches to them…not humans. Watching masses shot in the Kalandia protest including many friends, was gruesome enough. I can’t imagine I could handle what Gazans are seeing.

A couple of days ago we got word that there are wounded Palestinians being brought from Gaza to Arabic hospitals in Jerusalem and the West Bank. We immediately mobilized and decided to raise money in order to take gifts for the children and their families.

Yesterday we visited Makassed Hospital and St Josephs French Hospital, both in East Jerusalem. Upon arrival to St Josephs, a seven year old Palestinian boy, Zaher Ahmed Najjar, brought from Gaza for treatment was pronounced dead due to his serious injuries.

Here are some of the Palestinians we met yesterday:


Sohaib AbuShalat, 2 yrs old was found under the rubble of his home. His father was killed. His mother and siblings are all wounded and are currently in hospitals in Gaza. His aunt traveled with him to Jerusalem and he remains in a coma.



Khaled, AbuMaraheel 6 yrs old was injured by rocket shrapnel which cracked his skull. Khaled has not spoken a word since the incident and seems to be in total shock.

Saja AbuMansour, 14 yrs old was injured by shrapnel which entered through her eye and head. She is also currently on life support. Her uncle accompanied her to Jerusalem.

Mosleh AlRowaj, 21 yrs old who’s wife is 6 months pregnant was standing in his home when shrapnel from a rocket entered through his cheek and out of his neck.

Rahmi, 33 was hit by shrapnel from rockets in her spine and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Rahmi is yet to be informed that her 5 yr old daughter and her mother both died in that attack.

Ahmed, 13 lost his mother and was brought to Jerusalem by his uncle. The shrapnel cut through his stomach.

Mohammad Shamali, 20 was getting ready to sit down for Iftar when F16s fired two rockets into his home. He suffered severe leg injuries.

We didn’t get to see everyone yet. It is difficult and painful.There are many more being brought in on a daily basis. I wanted to grab all the babies and bring them home with me. To think these are a handful of the 7000 plus that are wounded was devastating and emotional.

The only thing that weighs heavy on my heart is the fact that these children will all be sent right back into Gaza as soon as they are better….to fight, yet again, to stay alive.

These families need your help. Please consider donating via our paypal ( ) or if you are interested in sponsoring a child who has lost everything on a long term basis please email us at that same address. Thank you.

May 222014


Chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain was awarded the Voices of Courage and Conscience in media award by the Muslim Public Affairs Council for the episode he did on Palestine on Parts Unknown, his new show on CNN.

In the episode he travels to the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank to explore and experience Palestinian cuisine.

One memorable moment during his trip to Hebron, he asks about the racist Israeli graffiti that was spray painted on a Palestinian home that said “Death to Arabs”.

In his acceptance speech for the award he says:

I was enormously grateful for the response from Palestinians in particular for doing what seemed to me an ordinary thing, something we do all the time: show regular people doing everyday things, cooking and enjoying meals, playing with their children, talking about their lives, their hopes and dreams.

It is a measure I guess of how twisted and shallow our depiction of a people is that these images come as a shock to so many. The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity.

People are not statistics. That is all we attempted to show. A small, pathetically small step towards understanding.”

Watch his acceptance speech for his award below: